Partial Client List

  • True Colors Personal Success Workshop 
  • True Colors for Leaders
  • True Colors for IT Teams and Their Clients 
  • Who's in Charge Here?  Whole Person Care from a Patient Perspective
  • Soul Coaching Personal Power & Self Care
  • Project Management Nuts & Bolts
  • Performance Evaluations as a Two-way Communications Tool
  • From Irritants to Treasures with MBTI: Appreciating Personality, Yours and Others’
  • Failing Your Way to Success
  • The Magic of Temperament: Business & Teams
  • A Year in the Life of Your Dreams
  • Feeding the Dragon: Thriving in Chaos & Construction
  • The Soul of Business
  • Touch Drawing: Tapping into Intuitive Wisdom
  • Timed Writing & Journaling: Access to Everything
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