I've never seen anything like it--Your Excellence at the Top work session was pure magic! 
Operations Vice President
 Before this project started, I knew you would be the right facilitator for this effort. I am continually impressed with your organizational and communication skills, your enthusiasm and positive outlook, your teambuilding, and your technical expertise. I really don't believe that we could have gotten this far without your support. 
Senior Vice President
 Focused. Vivacious. Combines work and fun. Gets the job done. Positive influence. Persuasive. Helpful. Encouraging. Unconquerable. Witty. Larger than life. Offers great business tips/advice. #1 Coach. Kindred spirit. Fun. Open. Communicative. Friend. Amazing. Contagious. 100% committed. There for everyone. Exhausting. Creative. Convincing. Exceptional. Brings out the best in everyone. Cares—it shows! Liaison. Whirlwind. Dedicated to improving self and others. Always looking/listening for something new. Builder. Investor. Willing. Wise. Respected. Appreciated. 
Description of Elizabeth by her team members
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